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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Items from my Baby Registry I Never (or Rarely) Used

and some better alternatives

I hope you like my suggestions! There are a few links to some products on Amazon, which are affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these. Don't worry, there's no additional cost to you!

Forehead thermometer

If your baby has a fever, you're going to need to do a rectal temp. The doctor's office will ask what the rectal temp is when you call in to make your appointment, so don't waste your time or money on an extra step.

Nursing covers

I ended up switching to exclusive pumping after the first week; it was not in my wheelhouse. But when I was still BF, or having to pump outside the home, I never found myself unable to find a private place to do my booby business. Most places are super understanding and will find a room for you, all you need to do is ask.

Nipple shield

Breastfeeding was painful. The lactation consultants will tell you it's not supposed to be if you're doing it right. To a degree, they are correct. After a while, it's not supposed to hurt anymore, but getting used to it was awful. A friend of mine said she had some luck with a nipple shield because her son was having trouble latching. It's a good alternative if you're having latch issues or you can't take the pain anymore. Otherwise, stick it out and you'll get used to it faster. Lansinoh cream and gel pads were amazing when it came to nip pain relief!

Big, clunky bottle sterilizer

Medela makes sterilizer bags which are 100% easier to use and store. I highly recommend getting the bags that you can easily fold up versus the spare-tire-sized sterilizer.

Anti-colic bottles

Frankly, who has time for a 5-piece bottle? Especially with twins! Moms will rave about them, but I found them cumbersome and not very easy to assemble at 3am with one eye open. I do think you should have one or two for the little ones to try out. We had to try about 4 different bottles (each) before we figured out which ones they liked best. Thank goodness it wasn't the anti-colic ones. The bottles with a vent seem to be just fine in terms of air getting in and out.

Nail clippers

I couldn't clip their nails. My husband won't even try. Call us wusses but I was too afraid of clipping their skin, or cutting them too short. At first I ended up using a nail file. That was fine for a minute, but those little suckers grow fast (and sharp)! Enter the battery-powered filer!! This thing is awesome. I have to use it about once every 5 days, but no more sharp edges, no more scary attempts of clipping off their fingertips. They actually enjoy it and love to watch the light that comes with it. Clippers start to come into play when they're at least 6 months so not vital for newborn stages.

Heavy creams

Nothing worse than making your baby break out!! That's what happened to me when I thought I'd lather up my baby with some super heavy, fancy baby cream. I felt horrible. Luckily it didn't seem to bother her. The heavy Aveeno cream made my daughter break out, and the heavy Eucerin made my son break out. I ended up with the good ol' Johnson's baby lotion (the one we all know and love) and that works perfectly. And for both babies! If they're really dried out, butter them up with Aquaphor ointment... works like gangbusters.

Water wipes

This is going to sound silly, but holy moly they were really wet (and cold)!! And they didn't seem to have a good swipe on the baby. I felt myself using more of these than the non-water wipes. My babies have sensitive skin so I wanted to try the water wipes... but if I'm scrubbing their hind-quarters repeatedly with a water wipe, what's the point? Dove baby wipes are the Cadillac of baby wipes. I occasionally splurge on those, but any sensitive wipes seem to do the trick.

Newborn outfits without pant legs

Don't get me wrong, I love dressing up my TLBs (tiny little babies) in cute little ensembles! But it's winter and these little nuggets need warmth head-to-toe. Putting pants on a baby is like trying to put pants on a Thanksgiving turkey. They will fit, but it sure doesn't seem like it when you're pulling those bad boys on! Full-body zip-up jammies are the bees knees. I ended up going to Carter's and buying every available preemie size. Easy to get in, easy to take off, and easy diaper changes! Now that they're attempting the crawl, the outfits without legs are fine, so I do recommend them starting at 6m.


I hope this helps you narrow down your registry to exactly what you'll need for new twins! Best of luck, mama!

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